We have a true passion for shirts.


We take pride in building great shirts. It's not about looking flashy or trying to impress others. Our customers simply want to dress well, and feel good.

The Eagle Falcon shirt is designed and tailored in Qatar and Turkey, carefully handmade by trained master tailors. Very few tailors in the world are capable of producing these highly engineered shirts.

Our Locations

We are located at two of the most premier tailoring shops in Qatar and Turkey. Eagle Falcon shirts are available exclusively through our partners in Doha and Istanbul. Please request an appointment prior to visiting our showrooms.


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By Appointment Only

Before purchasing an Eagle Falcon shirt, you must first schedule a free consultation.

Appointment Times

All consultations and fittings are done on Friday and Saturday. Please make a note of this when requesting and appointment, as you will be given an available time on either of these days.


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